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The Best Chai – Here’s How


On a recent visit to Jaipur, I was given meticulous instructions as to how to make authentic Indian chai. None of this tea bag stuff, loaded with cinnamon! Cardamom is the key ingredient and needs to be boiled into the milk and sugar. Even though sweet coffee or tea is usually unpalatable to me, this strong, sweet and aromatic tea is a nurturing, comforting, and at the same time, an invigorating pick-me-up for any time of day.

Here is Tarunam’s chai recipe:

1 cup hot water into a saucepan, with a generous pinch of black tea

Start to boil until the tea colours up

Add equal quantity of milk to water (UHT will get the closest result), a few cardamom pods lightly bruised, and if a little spice is desired,  a pinch of black pepper or grated ginger. Sugar to taste – but don’t fear sweetness!

Boil vigorously for a good 2 minutes, stirring and ladling the boiling milk.

It will make a skin, you will have to strain this off.

Drink tiny cups – espresso size


Even on the hottest day, this chai will invigorate and refresh!