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Nordeen Knows


In the incessant hustle that is India, where everyone seems to be either on the make or on the take, sometimes someone comes along who miraculously makes problems go away and makes impossible looking logistics become a breeze. One such person is Jaipur’s Mr Nordeen Khan, driver for hire, guide, friend, and all-round good guy.

A twenty plus year resident of Jaipur, there is no nook of this fascinating city that Nordeen doesn’t know. He navigates the streets of Jaipur with deftness and purpose, he knows the best chai on the block, the best pakoras in the street, the best restaurants, markets and shops.

He’s a fixer. Charged too much for your silver bracelet? Nordeen’s on the case. Want to find some cool lampshades? Nordeen’s your man. Want to find the best quality gemstones? Ask Nordeen.

Orphaned as a young child, Nordeen was raised by his older brother  and started his career as a car mechanic. Fourteen years ago, he decided he had had enough of the workshop and found a job – like his brother – as a driver for a tour company. Today he drives his own vehicle, and plies the streets of Jaipur and works as far afield as Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Delhi.

On my most recent visit to Jaipur, I was honoured to be invited into his home, where I met his beautiful wife and daughters, as well as his cheeky, adorable 7 year old son.

His eldest daughter Tarunam taught me to make chai, the ubiquitous hot, sweet, aromatic tea that is enjoyed on every street corner. And his younger daughter Sababano, spent an hour squeezing a henna pen into a meticulous design on my hand and wrist.

Tarunam is 20 and is destined for an arranged marriage in 2 years time. The lucky groom has not yet been found, but when he is, Noordeen will be hosting a wedding party for 3,000 people!

Anyone travelling to Jaipur and wanting some transport can contact Nordeen +91-8290450182.