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Going Global

Range of Uzbek Handicrafts

Globetrotting adventures are off the travel agenda for now. But as we dream of the holiday that didn’t happen, we make a compelling and affordable alternative destination, enticing you to visit and spice up your interiors with the exotic colours and rich hand-crafted traditional textures from far-off places.

From beautiful textiles to handcrafted homewares and special original accessories, we source directly from artisans in India, Thailand and South-east Asia.

If you’re looking for a unique piece of textile art, ceremonial plate coverings created by the Banjara, a semi-nomadic group from India, are renowned for their stunning colour palettes and highly ornamental embroidery work.

Or a vintage embroidered quilt made as a dowry offering by Gujarati tribes. This piece of cultural history is a great way to brighten up a wall or sofa.

To create bold layers on sofas or beds, try an Uzbekistan suzani cushion or a rare taste of rogan art from the sleepy town of Narona in Gujarat, India’s isolated north-west.  Rogan cushions are made of cotton or silk painted with a castor oil derived paste and depict the mandala, a symbol of the universe. Patterns are created by stretching the paste or paint to make fine lines and allowing the paint to adhere where it falls. The rogan is practised by members of the Khatri family who have passed down the tradition through generations for over 300 years.

Perfect for winter comfort, luscious cashmere throws are made of the finest quality pashm or wool, naturally shed from Capra Hircus goats living in the high altitude regions of Kashmir. The wool is hand-woven to produce lightweight yet incredibly warm throws and scarves.

Featherlight cotton jamdani weave napkins add a beautiful talking point to your dinner table. Jamdani is a fascinating weaving technique originating in the 17th century from Dhaka, now in Bangladesh and parts of West Bengal. So fine were the fabrics, and so delicate the woven embellishments, that it has long been associated with Indian and British royalty.

The jamdani technique is one of the most time consuming and labour intensive forms of hand loom weaving where the motifs are woven into the fabric, but are non-structural and appear to float over the surface of the material.

Then there are the handwoven Javanese Vetiver place mats that impart a subtle fragrance of the Vetiver root used as an essential oil for its tranquillity inducing properties.

True to time and place, our global range inspires a lust for traditional craftmanship that keeps wanderlust at bay to enrich our cocooning safe-havens of home.