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The Joy of Aroma

Olivia Collection - female 16-9

We’ve talked about the magic powers of aromas in our lives and the gorgeous essential oils we use in our handmade soaps.

Now I’m excited to introduce a recent discovery which takes aromatherapy to the next level.

When I came across Melis natural perfumes, I experienced a personal awakening. Made from 100% pure essential oils and botanical ingredients, they’re wonderful, deep, complex olfactory blends which stir and heighten your emotions.

So complex are they that describing them is challenging.  But applying these fragrances to my skin in tune with Melis’s practice of mindful intention, I came to realise that it’s not what perfume smells like, but how it makes you feel that’s key.

Melis founder, Melissa Italiano has discovered the power of scent to calm stressful moments in her own life and its ability to help, through the senses, to live a mindful life in the ‘now’ with stronger intention.

Melissa says using fragrance can trigger a mind ‘memory’ helping us to tune into a feeling, situation or emotion that we want to focus on – our purposeful intention.

“Scent is also a major source of inspiration and it has become an integral part of my daily ritual. Depending on how I feel, my chosen scent helps me to pause, connect with myself and then gain insight and inspiration,” says Melissa.

My favourite Melis perfume is Imperium – with its spicy sandalwood notes tempered with floral sweetness. This gorgeous woody scent, for me, is both grounding and empowering.

Check out the Melis story here: www.melisperfumery.com.au