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Ringing in the New Season


Feeling the chill at night? There’s no doubt winter is heading our way. And this year, autumn has dished up a double hit, coinciding with quarantines imposed to contain the spread of the virus. Almost at the drop of a hat, our lives have become more inward-looking as we spend more time than ever at home.

In these uncertain times, we’re all in need of a little nurturing. As we retreat from the outside world, it feels right to apply the Danish concept of hygge to create that warm cosy feeling inside. What could be nicer than snuggling up in living spaces that are delicious sanctuaries designed to restore our sense of safety and well-being?

One of the simplest ways to cosy up your home and make it feel more inviting is to introduce layers of textural accessories that bring a room to life and beckon you to hunker down.

Rug up

Statement rugs on polished wood floors add both sensory and visual warmth to instantly make rooms feel cosier. Rugs in warm earthy tones create a focal point, emphasising the soft, tactile winter atmosphere.

Blend old and new

A great way to inject warm character into your home is to include vintage or antique pieces that contrast with your clean-lined contemporary furnishings.  They don’t have to be family heirlooms. Purchasing exotic second-hand textiles that have been lovingly hand-stitched or block printed by artisans can be just as rewarding. Often such pieces they come with a fascinating history which adds another level of charm to your home.

Cashmere throws

As the temperature drops, nothing says cosy like curling up beside the fire under a luxuriously warm cashmere throw. Casually draped over a sofa or armchair, throws introduce a softness to crisp lines and add a handy extra layer of warmth at the end of a bed.

Warm accents

Cushions are an instant, cost-effective way to add the plush factor to your room. Pack away your lightweight cushions and add bolder, more sumptuous accents, mixing and matching feel-good velvets and colourful stitched prints to enrich your interiors. Just as in nature, autumn is the time for warm spicy reds, burnt oranges and golds that contrast beautifully with white walls and natural woody textures and tones.  Mixing up the textures softens the look to make the space on-trend and casual. Tie your scheme together with a glossy plant and finish it off with a gently flickering candle on a side table.

Re-cover your bed

Bedrooms should feel soft and inviting in winter and one of the easiest ways to get the cuddly look is to switch out the bedding. Start pulling in cosy extra layers that add depth including cashmere throws, voluptuous double-sided printed duvets and cushions with contrasting textures and patterns.

Dress up the table

Make even an everyday meal feel special with a seasonal look. Lay down a beautiful cotton table runner in soft, warm hues and add crisp printed cotton napkins and table mats that complement it for a lovely decorative touch.

Remember, you don’t want your home to look cluttered. It’s not about adding more stuff, but carefully selecting special pieces that bring warmth and comfort. With so many beautiful textural accessories available on-line, your home will feel warmer than ever.

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