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Exquisite Patan Patola ikat silk scarf. Supreme among the Indian ikats, production of these fabrics is confined to the Salvi clan in Patan, Gujarat. They are amongst the most famous and collected textiles in the world. 

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The methods of ikat yarn preparation and weaving are extremely complex. The undyed silk used in production must be counted out, thread by thread and collected in bundles. Each bundle is then tightly wrapped in the desired pattern configuration prior to dying so that the tied areas remain undyed. This process is repeated until all the colours and design have been dyed into the threads. The bundles are then untyed and the warp threads laid out on the loom to reveal the pattern. The weft threads, again observing the correct pattern sequence, are wound on bobbins. Weaving then commences, but this can be a very time consuming process as realignments need to be made with each pass of the shuttle to keep the design sharp.

This scarf, one month in the making, has been hand spun, hand dyed and hand woven by the Salvis.

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