Red and Black Bandhani silk scarf


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Black silk scarf with red bandhani work

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This elegant silk scarf has been designed and hand dyed in Gujarat by one of the leading generational practitioners of bandhani art. In the bandhani process, tiny knots are gathered by the fingertips (long nails help!) and each is wound up with cotton. The piece is then dyed, with the areas gathered by the knots 'resisting' the new colour. Many bandhani pieces are tied and dyed many times to arrive at the final product and can take weeks to complete.

One of the features of bandhani is its crinkly texture, created by the knots. This is part of the character of the technique, although they are commonly ironed out. We have left ours crinkly so that you can decide!

Size: 45cm x 140cm

Dry clean only

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