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Suzani Cushion Cover with Florals


These cushions are hand embroidered over a heavy duty natural calico. They feature traditional Suzani motifs of pomegranate, flowers, vines and paisleys and make wonderful bright accessories for a verandah or sunroom.

Suzani originates from the Persian word suzan, meaning needle, and originated in Central Asia, particularly Uzbekistan, Tajikstan and Kazakhstan. It was a skill practised by nomadic tribes who made large embroidered panels to use as a protective wrapping for their belongings, as prayer mats, bedding and for seating inside their yurts.

The cloths were traditionally made by the women of the family as part of the bride’s dowry, and carried symbols of health and fertility.

This ancient craft very nearly became extinct with the advance of the Industrial Revolution and machine made textiles, but since Uzbekistan’s independence in the 1990’s, suzani is once again being taught to the younger generation. Our suzani covers are genuine hand embroidered fabrics, made by village women outside the city of Bokhara.

Product Details

Size: 45cm x 45cm
Weight: 130g
Composition: Cotton
Properties: Hand Embroidered
Care: Hand wash

Note: Size is 45cm x 45cm which is the ideal size for a standard 46cm x 46cm insert. Inserts are not included.

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