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Saurashtra Vintage Horse Bag


This embroidered horse bag is dated around the 1950’s and comes from the Saurashtra region in the southern part of Gujarat in the northwest of India.

It is constructed of thick tightly woven canvas which was designed to be slung across the horse with large pockets on each side of the animal. The dense embroidery completely covers the fabric.

The embroidery is typical of the region, featuring geometric designs with a checkerboard outer border. The stitch is primarily an elongated darn stitch, worked in both horizontal and vertical directions. Tiny mirrors are inset at the interstices of the designs and secured in a frame of chain stitch.

Colours feature madder-dyed red, rich ochre and indigo.

If your horse doesn’t need new saddle bags, this piece could easily be converted into two large floor cushions or used as a wall hanging. Total size is 75cm x 130. The embroidered panels are 65cm x 75cm.