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Khadi Turquoise and Charcoal Scarf

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Made famous by Mahatma Gandhi, khadi has a 5000 year history in India and is made from 100% natural cotton. It features a fairly loose, textured weave, allowing maximum air permeability and making it soft and comfortable against the skin.

Our khadi scarves are all designed and woven by artisans at WomenWeave, a charitable trust based in Maheshwar on the west coast of India. In operation since 2002, WomenWeave has sought to empower women artisans in rural areas of India by assisting them to make handloom a profitable and sustainable income-earning activity. By buying one of these scarves, you are directly supporting a woman in rural India – helping her to achieve financial independence and education for her children.

Product Details

Size: 180x60cm
Weight: 200g
Compositions: Cotton
Properties: Handwoven
Care: Wash in cold water with mild soap

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