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Vintage Gujarati Quilt


This extremely rare vintage hand embroidered quilt comes from the Gadhvi tribe in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Approximately 60 years old, it was made as part of a dowry and is in outstanding condition. It was originally used as a cover for a baby bed, but now would be better suited as a wall hanging or cover for the back of a sofa.

Unlike present day dowry quilts, many of which are machine stitched, this has been 100% hand-sewn and skilfully embroidered. Decorated with a mix of patchwork, embroidery and applique, it is also features ‘abhla’ work around the edges – this use of mirrored glass is one of the most striking features of Gujarati embroidery. It was thought to have originated with the use of the shiny silicate mica, which is found in the desert area of Western India and is consistent with India’s Islamic inheritance.

The tiny mirrors are secured into the fabric with a form of herringbone stitch.

The small pieces of patchwork are from old pieces of English cloth.

65cm x 120cm