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Grey Silk Ikat Scarf


Ikat is a weaving technique whereby the threads are tied and dyed before being threaded onto the loom. The tying up of the threads creates ‘resist’ areas which are not touched by the dye, resulting in a variety of patterns within the fabric. The weaver must have a very mathematical approach to the tying and dyeing of the threads, with a clear idea of the end result of the piece she or he is working on.

Our ‘single weave’ ikat scarves are handwoven in the Kutch area of India, although the technique has been embraced as far afield as Indonesia, Uzbekistan and Turkey. When checking the authenticity of ikat, make sure that the pattern is identical on both sides of the fabric!

Product Details

Size: 180cm x 40cm
Weight: 50g
Compositions: Silk
Properties: Handwoven Ikat
Care: Dry clean only