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Welcome to Birch & Loom; your destination for beautiful textiles, handcrafted homewares and original accessories. All our products are sourced directly from the artisans who make them in India and South East Asia. In doing so we support their financial independence as well as helping to preserve traditional creative techniques which are at risk of disappearing.

"Birch & Loom handpicks a gorgeous range of handcrafted accessories - special and unique pieces. I love wearing my Bandhani scarf. The hand-blocked pure cotton quilt I purchased is so lightweight and perfect for the warmer months. Robin was an absolute pleasure to deal with."

Karen Nottingham


Rogan Art

There is only one place in the world where rogan art is practiced, and that is in the sleepy town of Narona in Gujarat, in India’s isolated northwest. Isolated it may be, but the fame of the rogan practitioners has spread far and wide, so much so, that a rogan work was selected by Prime  Minister Narendra Modi to present to Barack Obama on the occasion of his visit to the United States in 2014.


Damn right I’ve got the blues

Classic blue & white – beyond fashion Some colour combinations transcend the whims of fashion to become perennial favourites. Timeless blue and white is a decorative pairing that has stood the test of time. Think Chinese porcelain to delftware, Wedgewood to chic coastal stripes. Elegant in its simplicity, it always feels right in our homes…

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Ringing in the New Season

Feeling the chill at night? There’s no doubt winter is heading our way. And this year, autumn has dished up a double hit, coinciding with quarantines imposed to contain the spread of the virus. Almost at the drop of a hat, our lives have become more inward-looking as we spend more time than ever at…

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The Great Rann of Kutch

A day’s break from a recent textile mission in the historic town of Bhuj in the Gujarat region of northwest India, took me closer to the Pakistani border into the Great Rann of Kutch desert. This vast, white salt desert, at a size of 10,000 square kilometres, is the largest in the world. Although it…

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