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The Seduction of Handmade Soap

handmade soap in antique bowl

Our artisan soap maker Jackie Birch – yes folks, interest declared, it’s sister power  – is a wizard alchemist. She’s been making soap and luscious body scrubs, moisturisers, serums and bath bombs for years, supplying them to small artisan outlets around Perth. We’re so pleased to offer some of her exquisite soaps through Birch & Loom.

Jackie makes soap in small batches as it takes time to harden in the mold and then it’s four weeks to cure before it can be used.

The soaps are made by a cold process method, a natural way which has great benefits for our skin and the environment.

When you read the labels on most commercial soaps you’ll see sodium palmate (aka palm oil) which is a very cheap ingredient, but its use contributes to the decimation of rainforest environments and in doing so, the lives and future of orangutans. You won’t see that in Birch soaps.

Instead, Jackie uses olive, coconut and rice bran oil which are gentle and mild on the skin. She also uses lots of shea butter for even richer moisture. Handmade soap has naturally occurring glycerine which is a good humectant, enhancing the skin’s hydration. It is usually removed from commercial soap.

Reason enough to use handmade soap. But overwhelmingly, it’s the aroma of the essential oils that seduces us. Aromas have the power to change our mood – for example, lavender to calm, lemongrass to invigorate, rosemary to stimulate. We have chosen lemon grass and vetiver for their invigorating and refreshing properties – a perfect lather up to start the day!

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