Textile art, rare vintage pieces, bespoke homewares

Singular, special, exclusive

Birch & Loom is owned and run by Perth-based Robin Birch, long a respected name in wine marketing. But it was always textiles and interiors which most intrigued her, a personal passion fanned by an international upbringing immersed in other cultures and their most beautiful offerings.  

It was not until 2011, however, on her first visit to India that Robin realised she could combine her eye for the most authentic and beautiful textiles and homewares with the business of sharing her discoveries.  As many of the pieces she admired and, indeed, purchased were not readily found in Australia, she saw an opening to bring truly beautiful, individual pieces into others' homes.

The following five years have been devoted to exploring the textile industries of India, Thailand and Central Asia, studying their history, getting to know the artists and the skills behind their work. In doing so, Robin has developed a range of items for sale that are true to their place and culture but at the same time make beautiful additions to the most contemporary of homes world-wide.

All items in the Birch & Loom store are handmade or handprinted, and available in very limited numbers. Bedding items are all hand printed and stitched by a team of six skilled machinists in Jaipur.  None of the products are sourced from wholesalers - they all come directly from the people who make them, ensuring that Birch & Loom customers are accessing these unique pieces at the best possible prices. 

What links the entire Birch & Loom range is that every piece is only for the most discerning of homemakers and collectors.