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A Linen Love Affair

Several of our customers have asked us for white sheets and pillow cases to go with our colourful block printed quilts. We thought this was an excellent suggestion and have…

Melis perfume range

The Joy of Aroma

We’ve talked about the magic powers of aromas in our lives and the gorgeous essential oils we use in our handmade soaps. Now I’m excited to introduce a recent discovery…

Range of indigo bedovers and cushions

Damn right I’ve got the blues

Classic blue & white – beyond fashion Some colour combinations transcend the whims of fashion to become perennial favourites. Timeless blue and white is a decorative pairing that has stood…

Ringing in the New Season

Feeling the chill at night? There’s no doubt winter is heading our way. And this year, autumn has dished up a double hit, coinciding with quarantines imposed to contain the…