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The wasteland of Nukus, Uzbekistan

I’d never recommend anyone to visit Nukus to enjoy scenery, weather or cultural ambience. Tucked up in the northwest corner of Uzbekistan, the capital of the Karakalpakstan region, it is flat, dusty and impoverished, with a desert climate which makes it unpleasantly hot most of the year and unpleasantly cold during its brief winters. Due…

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A Cotton Tale

During the Soviet era in Uzbekistan, production of the highly desirable cotton crop escalated dramatically. Quotas were introduced to ensure production of massive tonnages and during the harvest, entire communities were forced to abandon their ‘day jobs’ to pick cotton in order to meet the quotas. Teachers, doctors, professionals and public servants could all be…

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Patan Patola – 40 generations of tradition

India’s first family of weavers I was reading the other day about an Australian wine maker who claimed status as a second generation producer. It got me thinking about history and provenance, and brought my mind to a recent visit to a village in Gujarat, India, where I met a young man whose family has…

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The Art of Rogan

There is only one place in the world where rogan art is practiced, and that is in the sleepy town of Narona in Gujarat, in India’s isolated northwest. Isolated it may be, but the fame of the rogan practitioners has spread far and wide, so much so, that a rogan work was selected by Prime …

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Ajrakh Block Printers of Kutch


Dhamadka is one of only three villages in the Kutch region of Gujarat where the traditional art of ajrakh block printing is still being practised. Its a time consuming art which requires patience, diligence and vision – a single piece will take up to three weeks to complete. Heading Here Almost the whole clan takes part in…

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